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Port Canaveral-00037Port Canaveral-00042Port Canaveral-00043DSC00063DSC0006410211 balcony, Kat-0181_DSC0188Sunrise from 10211 balcony, Dominican Republic-0194Sunrise from 10211 balcony, Dominican Republic-0206Kat, Amber Cove, Dominican Republic-0222Carnival Breeze, Amber Cove-0225Carnival Breeze, Amber Cove-0227First Port of Call- Amber Cove-00104pedal taxi, Amber Cove, Dominican Republic-0229cabana, Amber Cove-0230First Port of Call- Amber Cove-00106Queen Emma Crinum Lily-00108Queen Emma Crinum Lily-00112Amber Cove-00113First Port of Call- Amber Cove, Flowers-00115