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Joanne Tate and Ron Wade-1358Joanne Tate and Ron Wade-_DSC1366Charlene Finlay and Gillie (or Ghillie?)-1373_DSC1376_DSC1383Bobby Spivey and Trever Finlay-1385Charlene and Trever Finlay-1397Bobby Spivey, Sam Tate-6012Sam Tate holding court-1399Trevor Finlay-6028Buddy and Tene' Jewell-1405Lynn, Beth and Bridgette -1410Theodore Washington III, Yvonne Mendoza, Sam Tate and Noel Mendoza-1411_DSC1412_DSC1413Theo and Gillie-1416Lisa and Dave Gibson-1419_DSC1420_DSC1421