Abandoned mining operation in Austin, NV-4529Awesome random statue in Bridgeport, CA-Bridgeport County Court House, Bridgeport, CA-4493CO 145 toward Ridgeway, CO.-6316CO 145 toward Ridgeway, CO.-6335coolest Denny's EVER in Cortez, Colorado-2865Cute mirror at the train museum depot-6347Denny's in Ely, Nevada-4615Fat Kat!-5863Icy lake in Colorado-6630Jabba the Hut...Somewhere between Tucumcari, AZ and Grant, NM -8140Mining operation near Ely, Nevada along %22The %22Loneliest road in America%22 (Hwy 50)%22-4594Miss Priscilla-5819Owens Lake.....or what used to be-Prewitt, NM-Prewitt, NM-8163Rocky Mountains!--2Rocky Mountains!-Rocky Mountains!-6642Rocky Mountains!-6662