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Tommy E and Parker-1483Tommy E and Parker-1488Tommy E-1490untitled-Pat Kirtley, Parker Hastings-9289-EditPat Kirtley, Parker Hastings-9304-EditParker Hastings, Jim Beeny-9445-EditParker Hastings, Marie Yandell, Joe Hudson-9561_DSC4508-Edit-Edituntitled-untitled-Parker Hastings-2537-2-EditFinalParker Hastings-2592-EditParker Hastings,-2696psJack Pearson, Parker Hastings,-3262Parker Hastings and Endless Road Strings-7495Edding Pennington and Ron -7993Parker Hastings, -4887-EditParker at the 2017 JRC-9513Parker Hastings, -4925-Edit